Come On In!

Welcome to our English Language Arts website!  Feel free to peruse the contents of this website for help with what you may have missed, what to expect in upcoming days, or for my contact information.  I work hard to keep this website updated, so please use it as a tool to help you (students) keep up with work, know what's coming down the pike, and to access important materials!  

You Can Use it Too!

Listed below are the tools I used to create the more interesting parts of this website, and some more that you can use for yourself in the future.  Make your English projects fun with quizzes, pie charts, and links to other websites!  

Creating Quizzes, Polls, Surveys, Etc.

Online Dictionary
Blogger for Blogging
Youtube Videos
Pie Charts
Other Useful Websites:
HTML Tag to Hyperlink Text:

<a href="website url goes here">text goes here</a>